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You have arrived at the Creative Interior E-shop, which offers a very wide range of epoxy resins, silicones and dyes from the Italian manufacturer ResinPro with different purposes. We are an importer of ResinPro epoxy products in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. You will also find interior design products made with care and dedication by creative interior masters in our e-shop.

Top Products

  • Transparent epoxy resin
    10.99 499.90 
    The binary epoxy resin is designed to cover with a thin layer (from 1mm) and pour molds up to 2cm thick. The product is completely transparent, self-leveling and ensures excellent coherence between different materials.
  • 5.00 
    Intense and bright color ideal for ResinPro transparent and polyurethane epoxy resins For. A wide range of colors to achieve the right tone for you. High concentration provides covering color with a few drops. The content of paint paste in the amount of resin can be up to 5%. Colors can be mixed together. The set includes all shades in 25ml packages.
  • 5.00 
    Tinting paste for epoxy and polyurethane resicings. The product can tone all epoxy and polyurethane defaults in the ResinPro product line. In order to resin toned must add toner to component A. The proportion of paint paste in the amount of resin can be in the range of 1-5%. 1% gives a translucent effect, and 5% gives an intense coating color. Do not cross 5% as it can spoil the resin drying process. Colors can be mixed together to achieve other shades.
  • 5.70 
    Jacquard Piñata – explosion-effect alcohol-based ink, 14ml. An alcohol-based product with an extremely bright colour for a smooth finish. Mixing the ink with epoxy resin, you can get the explosive effect of color inside epoxy! Attention: ink should not be used more than 1% of the epoxy volume, as it can damage the mechanical durability of the creation. To achieve an explosion effect, it is also necessary to use WHITE paint.
  • 11.99 32.90 
    The usual UV resin formula has been significantly improved by changing the hardening rate and mechanical properties (hardness) of the final product. UV Creation is made of acrylic and non-toxic materials. The product is in a convenient, easy and instantly usable package. Hardens instantly in 60 seconds with the help of a 36 W UV lamp or sunlight. Here you will find a suitable UV lamp Excellent quality: transparent UV epoxy reed, self-leveling, Cross-siding with UV rays, with a transparent and glossy surface, anti-scratching and anti-yellowing. UV resin is widely used to fill and manufacture decorative jewellery, clothing attachments, formal items, resin models, etc.
  • - 15 % Discount
    35.68 489.89 
    It is possible to pour a thick layer of epoxy, up to 5 cm at a time. The finished product is very resistant to turning yellow and scratches. Especially good for making resin and wooden tables.
  • 43.99 160.12 
    Transparent safe resin to cover your dishes and cutting boards! Completely non-toxic and certified for contact with food (even liquids). Suitable for creation, coating and model making! Ideal for creating trays, cutting boards, plates, glasses, cutlery, knife and tabletop, making souvenirs, creating a protective layer on printed images (photos, canvases, paintings), creating designer furniture, creating decorative and design elements, using input methods the number of items inside the resin. Only raw materials included in the list of substances authorised for contact with food have been used in the preparation process (Regulation No 220 of 26 April 1993).
  • 20.90 
    Pearlin pigments with mica mother-of-pearl have good illumination and persistence at high temperatures. Ideal for lasagration, they can be used in all types of painting, resins and waxes. By mixing pigments with each other, innovative color effects can be achieved. Extremely shiny metal pigments that are compatible with epoxy relics, polyurethanes, acrylics, paints and other artificial materials. Ideal for resin tables, DIY creations, handmade to create furniture. Mixing 2-3 pigments can create fantastic new shades. The set consists of 10 colors in 10gr jars.


Epoxy resin is a product that is gaining more and more popularity among craftsmen. This material, which is very similar to plastic, has given completely new opportunities both in the interior and in the field of art.

In the field of furnishings , it is possible to personalize existing trays, trays and cutting boards with epoxy, but you can also make a completely new one yourself

  • Vase
  • Dish
  • tray
  • artistic pyramid
  • spruce jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Medallions

All you have to do is let your imagination run wild.

In the field of art, very spectacular 3D paintings can be made. For example, it is possible to make a beach from real sand, and sea waves from epoxy, which will splash on the beach. Also, epoxy is used in the pour technique to make paintings and give some 3d effect.

But epoxy resin is designed not only for crafts. For example, you can use epoxy resin

  • to cover floors
  • for furniture restoration
  • for gluing various materials
  • to increase the wear resistance of materials
  • for the manufacture of furniture

In industry , epoxy resin can be used to restore worn surfaces and, for example, to reduce the adhesion of sticky surfaces. It is especially good to use epoxy resin to restore surfaces for which it is very difficult to replace the worn surface.

For example, to restore worn plastic from a chain transporter, you just need to roughen the surface a little and pour the worn grooves full of epoxy.

We have also found use with epoxy in the wood industry to restore worn plywood above the metal detector of the waste transporter and to reduce the adhesion of sawdust to cover rusty surfaces.


New two-component silicones make it many times easier to restore or reproduce items. If there is an item that would need to be copied in order to reproduce it, but there is nowhere to get the form, the silicones we offer are perfect.


Liquid silicones are designed rather to create 3D models. In order to make a mold with liquid silicone, first of all you need to

  1. make a prototype product or take an existing item that you want to copy
  2. Then you need such a large container where the object to be copied can fit inside and there is no room left.
  3. fix the product to be copied in the container
  4.  pour the finished liquid silicon mixture into the container and leave to dry
  5. remove the object to be copied with the silicone from the container and then remove the object from the silicone. And that's when the new form is ready.

Liquid silicones are not only designed for epoxy. They can be used quite boldly for forms of candles, soaps, gypsum, clay, etc.


Soft and easy-to-form silicone rubbers like plasticine are rather designed to reproduce 2D models. But it is also very suitable for making a flat form on plexiglass in order to make exciting cup trays or trays yourself.

Since plasticine-like silicone rubber is very quick-drying, it can also be used very well to stop leaks if epoxy or other liquid product has accidentally begun to leak from the mold. Just apply the finished mixed rubber mixture to the leaky place. Works very well, we have tested ourselves.


Epoxy resin has a completely colorless glass-like transparency when dried, while some epoxides have a slightly yellowish undertone but are still transparent. Polymer epoxides are already initially of some kind of shade.

However, the ResinPro dyes offered by the creative interior provide a completely new approach to creative work.

Metallic pigments create very exciting patterns when epoxy dries. When mixing colors with each other, new shades are formed, as epoxy creates patterns when dry. If you move the epoxy a little before petrification with a brush, match or toothpick, it is also possible to create exciting patterns inside the epoxy yourself. However, the chameleon mica pigment is rather peculiar and changes tone when the angle of light changes.

Luminous pigments give effect just in the dark.

The phosphorescent pigment is itself a white powder in tone, and if it is added a little to the epoxy, then the epoxy will even remain rather transparent. But in the dark, when the pigment particles are charged by light, the epoxy begins to gently glow in the corresponding color.

The fluorescence pigment is the same tone as the glows in the dark. Somod, for example, a logo engraved in wood or text can be made to glow at night. Also, pigment can be used to mark walkways in the building. Then you can also see in the dark to move along the luminous path.

The more luminous paint you add, the stronger the brightness will be, but at some point it will begin to affect the strength and durability of the epoxy.

Single-toned dyes add color to the transparent epoxy, making it either opaque or leaving it colored and at the same time transparent.

All colors can be mixed together and create new exciting shades.

Creative Interior Interior Design Products

The interior design products made by creative interiors are made of wood grown in Estonia, and our goal is to valorize the wood grown in our own backyards, giving them a new purpose in decorating our homes.

Often the large trees in the backyard are very thorny and maybe even slightly rotten in some places. This is what makes the dining and sofa tables made by Creative Interior special, because epoxy makes softer wood as strong and durable as decent wood. With epoxy resin, it is possible to create effective nuances on furniture.

The interior design products manufactured by us are made with great dedication, trying to create the perfect finishing result every time. This is so that the client and we are completely satisfied with the result.

We make most of the work to order, but we always try to keep something simple and exciting in the catalogue of interior design products in our e-shop.