Layer up to 10 cm thick

Epoxy, designed for the manufacture of very thick and large-scale projects.

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    EPOXYTABLE 10 is a non-toxic epoxy resin for the production of boards. Up to 10 cm thick layer can be achieved in one pour. The finished product is highly resistant to yellowing and scratching. Due to the superior exothermic reaction, thicker layers can be cast without overheating and deformation of the material. Perfectly transparent and UV resistant.
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    EPOXY PREMIUM Designed for work up to 7,5cm thick. Epoxy Premium is the flagship of the ResinPro range, using the most advanced formulations with a single goal: perfect casts, bubble-free, deformation-free and long-lasting. Created specifically for wood and resin board applications. Also very suitable for large mouldings and artistic work. Very low exothermic reaction allows large thicknesses to be moulded WITHOUT OVERCASTING AND DEFORMATION. Perfectly VISUAL, with a delicate bluish tint. To create smaller objects, it is possible to increase the thickness of the casting up to 10cm, which must be controlled at 15°C and the volume of the epoxy mixture must not exceed 15kg per casting. Example: 100cmx10cm x 10cm epoxy lamp. The product has been combined in such a way that anyone can make a simple riverbed, or other artistic work as easily as possible. Epoxy Premium will give you a great result without effort, because: ➡ The product has a low exothermic reaction, for castings up to 7,5 cm thick! ➡ Anti-UV filters provide a 10 year guarantee without yellowing - special light blue tint ensures greater durability over time. ➡ High mechanical resistance surface ensures maximum scratch resistance! ➡ The product is easy to use, ideal for professionals and amateurs alike ➡ Low viscosity for excellent air bubble removal ➡ The product has a long working time to allow intervention and repair of aesthetic defects.
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    ICE EPOXY ICECAST crystal clear resin ICECAST is a two component epoxy resin. It is UV-resistant and anti-yellowing. properties. The product has: strong tack, good flowability and natural bubble release. Icecast is designed for medium to large volume applications with thicknesses over 2.5 cm and up to 10-25 cm depending on the volume. Low colour and low viscosity allow crystal clear castings without bubbles. The product is particularly suitable for large volume castings as the product remains in a gel state for a long time after mixing and the low exothermic reaction prevents the product from overheating during the reaction. ICECAST has a low VOC content, which ensures user safety and reduces environmental impact. - 2,5 to 10cm deep casting - Ratio 2A:1B - UV resistant - 100% solid end result - Low VOC content and low odour. - Crystal clear and high gloss appearance - Enhances the appearance of the object - Resistant to bacteria and moisture - Excellent air separation properties - Does not age