Saharan pearl pigments


Pearlin pigments with mica mother-of-pearl have good illumination and persistence at high temperatures. Ideal for lasagration, they can be used in all types of painting, resins and waxes.
By mixing pigments with each other, innovative color effects can be achieved.
Extremely shiny metal pigments that are compatible with epoxy relics, polyurethanes, acrylics,
paints and other artificial materials. Ideal for resin tables, DIY creations, handmade
to create furniture.
Mixing 2-3 pigments can create fantastic new shades.
The set consists of 10 colors in 10gr jars.



Completely non-toxic: do not be afraid to use them for any creative work, artistic or
handicrafts. Made with non-toxic materials, you can use it worry-free.
Great for making home decorations, jewelry, clothing decorations or other handicrafts.
Used to cover wooden and resin boards, make resin-based paints.