UV hardening resins and extras

UV petrifying products are unicellular resins that react to UV light. The product hardens when UV light shines on the product. These products dry very quickly and are easy to use

3 Human Growth Hormone

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    The usual UV resin formula has been significantly improved by changing the hardening rate and mechanical properties (hardness) of the final product. UV Creation is made of acrylic and non-toxic materials. The product is in a convenient, easy and instantly usable package. Hardens instantly in 60 seconds with the help of a 36 W UV lamp or sunlight. Here you will find a suitable UV lamp Excellent quality: transparent UV epoxy reed, self-leveling, Cross-siding with UV rays, with a transparent and glossy surface, anti-scratching and anti-yellowing. UV resin is widely used to fill and manufacture decorative jewellery, clothing attachments, formal items, resin models, etc.
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    Portable UV lamp. Lighting: 9 LEDs emit UV waves (ultraviolet light). Power consumption: 9W. Works with 3 batteries (not included). Long lasting: Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs have a longer lifespan of 50,000 hours, which ensures energy savings. Color: black. Ideal for UV resin. Suitable for use with UV-Creation
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    Ideal UV lamp to harden the UV resin and speed up the hardening process. With the device it is possible to get a glossy and dry surface in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the internal refractive system, the lamp emits light FROM ALL DIRECTIONS, and the epoxy hardens in a short time. The purpose of the lamp is to harden UV resin / gel polish. The life of the lamp is equal to 50, 000 hours. Suitable for professionals as well as self-testers. A 36 Wt UV lamp reduces the UV/gel resin hardening time by 50% compared to conventional devices. Equipped with 12 Led bulbs. Automatic sensors and preset timers. The UV lamp is equipped with automatic sensors that allow the lamp to go into operation when putting the work under the lamp. Sensors automatically stop the activity of the device when you take your creation out from under the lamp. The lamp is suitable for gels compatible with LED and UV technology, including regenerating gels and nail art.