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In this group of products you will find suitable epoxy resins for covering floors, kitchen countertops, tables, as well as other artistic works to protect surfaces, give gloss and depth. You will also find epoxy resins specially designed for painting, which are thicker in consistency and do not allow paints to mix with each other.

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    Transparent safe resin to cover your dishes and cutting boards! Completely non-toxic and certified for contact with food (even liquids). Suitable for creation, coating and model making! Ideal for creating trays, cutting boards, plates, glasses, cutlery, knife and tabletop, making souvenirs, creating a protective layer on printed images (photos, canvases, paintings), creating designer furniture, creating decorative and design elements, using input methods the number of items inside the resin. Only raw materials included in the list of substances authorised for contact with food have been used in the preparation process (Regulation No 220 of 26 April 1993).
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    Very high viscosity transparent epoxy resin for professional use. Suitable for creating paintings and art covers in the style of "Ocean Art". Attention: Service life (150 g at 30 ° C): 40 minutes, Perfectly smooth and moisture-resistant surface. The ideal Art Pro is ideal as a coating material, leaving a smooth and moisture-resistant surface. Suitable for covering paintings and other surfaces (even floors). Layer thickness from 1 mm to 5 mm. ArtPro black is free of solvents and odor.
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    A transparent self-leveling epoxy system that is resistant in its properties to UV radiation and provides a strong and shiny protective layer. Artists' epoxy reik ART PRO is specially developed for "pour painting" (casting technique). Due to its dense structure, it does not spill off the work surface, but slowly extends to the corners of the canvas. ART PRO allows you to maintain its original design without changing the design when poured over with transparent resin. Thanks to a special formula, paint layers do not expand or mix (unless you voluntarily intervene). The finish is perfectly smooth and resistant to moisture. Art Pro is perfect for covering wall decorations, paintings and surfaces (as well as for floors). Art Pro can be used from 1mm to 5mm layer pain. If you need to pour molds or jewelry, we recommend Resinpro TRANSPARENTE resin.
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    High-performance transparent resin is a two-piece product designed as a protective layer on top to protect against heat and scratches. The composition of "HEAT PRO" ensures the highest quality long-lasting smooth, glossy, scratch and heat-resistant finish. Ideal for both DIY/home users and industrial consumers. The product can be easily applied and the surface can be reused within 24 hours. Transparent self-leveling UV-resistant epoxy resin that creates a protective layer against heat and scratches. The protective layer should be made 1-2.5 mm. It is very necessary to monitor the humidity in the room, the drier the air, the better the result will remain. In a room with very high humidity, it is not recommended to use the product. The product is slightly elastic after drying and is not sandable or polishable. The product is not suitable for use with pigments or additives. When it comes to the colored epoxy work you want to cover with Heat Pro. First cover the colored work with transparent and clean epoxy, and only then after 24-48 hours cover with heat-resistant Heat Pro product. It is advisable to make an intermediate joint to increase the adhesion of different layers.
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    Art Pro Green transparent BIO-sustainable resin An epoxy resin with a high BIO content that can be used for coating in the art sector: an innovative eco-sustainable product that provides all the performance of traditional epoxy resins. This particular resin was developed by the Resin Pro team to ensure maximum respect for the environment for its customers, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. The low exothermic reaction allows up to 2 cm to be poured without the risk of yellowing or overheating, ensuring a perfectly transparent product (but in any case can be coloured as desired) and resistance to scratches. The result of a collaboration between organic engineering and epoxy resin, the blend is the result of years of long and innovative research, with at least 40% of biological elements. Choosing Art Pro Green by ResinPro® means the same quality as classic ResinPro products, but with less environmental impact. The chemical derived from biomass conversion significantly reduces the use of petrochemical sources.
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    Very liquid polyurethane reed for casting and fast prototypes in the field of modeling and automation. Prototypes made with silicone molds and polyurethane resin can be used for pre-treatment, strength and dimensional tests to enhance the detail before mass production of the finished product. Our polyurethane reed allows you to produce even, shiny and durable models or artistic creations in 2 minutes. It can be painted with the colors of the series "Colorfun".
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    3D - FINISH "Fast" coating for 3D printed products The epoxy system with two components consists of 250 g resin (component A) and 120 g of hardener (component B). It is developed specifically for use in the 3D sector, it does not drip or cover small details, exactly following all forms of printing. Mixing ratio 100:45; For an area of 5 cm2 you only need 25 g Drying speed At temperatures from 20°C to 3 hours At temperatures from 30°C to solid for 2 hours
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    BE FLEX – scratch resistant and transparent epoxy resin for coating that is easy to use! Be Flex epoxy resin is perfect for creating highly effective protection for many objects such as: Stickers Medals Tags Labels It is also ideal for connecting LED lights and lamps, providing an exceptional protective coating. Applying this special flexible resin is very simple. Thanks to a special formula suitable for coating, it covers the surface and protects it from being flexible and transparent. Simply apply the BeFlex product to the object you want to protect, and after hardening you will have very effective protection: Friction Scratches for moisture. You have a glossy finish, excellent quality and incredible protection.
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    Decorative coating that protects all surfaces from moisture and wear (including walls, sloping or vertical surfaces). Advantages: Can be applied with a simple spatula on boards, cement, wood and bricks; The product can repair cracks in the wall or floor, which both repairs and seals the neck at once and makes the surface moisture-resistant again; Creates a new, perfectly shiny and durable layer; The product can be easily sanded to achieve satin finish surfaces; Protects against moisture and gives surfaces a fresh look. This composition of epoxy makes it possible to cover pre-decorated surfaces and walls with a transparent layer or decorate them with a new colored layer, obtaining a glossy, washable and waterproof surface. It can be painted as desired with any color powder, even metallic powders! If you want to get a satin surface, grind it after 48 hours with ordinary sandpaper 1000 (or 2000). USE: Vertical Glass is recommended to be applied with an "American" spatula. – The finish is transparent, but it can also be painted with ResinPro colours if desired – It can be worn in a thin layer for a glazed effect or as a thicker layer for greater consistency and protection – it is possible to achieve artistic effects that design your rooms. Finish after application. USAGE RATIO: Vertical Glass has a standard mixing ratio of 100A:70B. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR! Classic colors: Up to 3.4 kg vertical glass product can be tinted with one jar of 25ml paint. Metallic paints: Up to 3.4 kg vertical glass product can be tinted with one jar of 10g of paint.
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    ICE EPOXY RSE Fast drying epoxy for wood sealing. Penetrates deep into all types of wood fibres. Ideal for sealing epoxy rivers, wood panels and planks used in crack filling. Ice Epoxy RSE epoxy is easy to use because it cures quickly, adheres strongly and can be heated to hardness. Ice Epoxy RSE epoxy resin is UV resistant it has anti-yellowing properties strong adhesion good flowability natural bubble release Low colour and low viscosity allow for bubble-free, crystal clear epoxy repairs, ideal for art and hobby applications. The product is in the gel state for a short time. ICE-RSE has a low VOC content, ensuring user safety and reducing environmental impact.
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    POLI SHIELD is the ultimate protective layer that generally protects your floors and surfaces from scratches and wear. The product is applied to the surface with a roller or sprayer on any type of floor. Especially suitable for resin floors (epoxy, acrylic). POLI SHIED is designed to complete the M1-723 cycle to ensure aesthetic, easy-to-wash and durable finishes on surfaces. The product is shiny. ADVANTAGES: Durable and wear-resistant: Special acrylic polyurethane polymers combine the stability and simplicity of acrylic resins and the scratching and wear resistance of the most advanced polyurethane polymers. Easy application: The product is applied with a short-haired roller, foam roller or sprayer. Tools can be cleaned simply with soap and water. The two-component set is ready for use. Versatile and elegant: POLI-SHIELD is available in a variety of finishes: glossy (100 glosses), satin (30 glosses) and matte (with 5 glosses). It is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces: epoxy, acrylic, wood and concrete, and textured finish. At the moment, only a glossy product is available. Easy to maintain: The surface treated with POLI-SHIELD becomes easy to clean with soap, eliminating absorbed dirt and spread bacteria. If necessary, floors under increased load can be re-covered with a roller in worn areas to restore and make the floor shine again as on the first day! Cheap: with one set (2.4 liters) covers up to 25m2 (with a double layer). Are you looking for a cheap, efficient and easy-to-implement solution to protect and upgrade your floors and surfaces in general? POLI-SHIELD is a product for you!