Polyurethane resins

Polyurethane resins are two-component resins that, unlike epoxy resins, harden in just ten minutes! But polyurethane resins are not transparent. That is, after hardening, they have a white or beige color (depending on the product). However, this does not mean that they cannot be painted. Feel free to add mica powders or alcoholic-based paints and your work will be colorful. The end result is simply not transparent.

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    Very liquid polyurethane reed for casting and fast prototypes in the field of modeling and automation. Prototypes made with silicone molds and polyurethane resin can be used for pre-treatment, strength and dimensional tests to enhance the detail before mass production of the finished product. Our polyurethane reed allows you to produce even, shiny and durable models or artistic creations in 2 minutes. It can be painted with the colors of the series "Colorfun".
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    Binary white polyurethane resin with high fluidity and very good mechanical strength. Suitable for hobby creation and making prototypes in the modeling sector. Fast catalysis speed (30 minutes) is perfect for quickly and accurately recreating objects of all sizes. Liquid resin can be easily painted with any compatible color paste. Also, after hardening, the finished work with acrylic paints can be painted.
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    BE FLEX – scratch resistant and transparent epoxy resin for coating that is easy to use! Be Flex epoxy resin is perfect for creating highly effective protection for many objects such as: Stickers Medals Tags Labels It is also ideal for connecting LED lights and lamps, providing an exceptional protective coating. Applying this special flexible resin is very simple. Thanks to a special formula suitable for coating, it covers the surface and protects it from being flexible and transparent. Simply apply the BeFlex product to the object you want to protect, and after hardening you will have very effective protection: Friction Scratches for moisture. You have a glossy finish, excellent quality and incredible protection.