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Epoxy resins specially designed for painting and artistic creations.

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    Very high viscosity transparent epoxy resin for professional use. Suitable for creating paintings and art covers in the style of "Ocean Art". Attention: Service life (150 g at 30 ° C): 40 minutes, Perfectly smooth and moisture-resistant surface. The ideal Art Pro is ideal as a coating material, leaving a smooth and moisture-resistant surface. Suitable for covering paintings and other surfaces (even floors). Layer thickness from 1 mm to 5 mm. ArtPro black is free of solvents and odor.
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    A transparent self-leveling epoxy system that is resistant in its properties to UV radiation and provides a strong and shiny protective layer. Artists' epoxy reik ART PRO is specially developed for "pour painting" (casting technique). Due to its dense structure, it does not spill off the work surface, but slowly extends to the corners of the canvas. ART PRO allows you to maintain its original design without changing the design when poured over with transparent resin. Thanks to a special formula, paint layers do not expand or mix (unless you voluntarily intervene). The finish is perfectly smooth and resistant to moisture. Art Pro is perfect for covering wall decorations, paintings and surfaces (as well as for floors). Art Pro can be used from 1mm to 5mm layer pain. If you need to pour molds or jewelry, we recommend Resinpro TRANSPARENTE resin.
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    Art Pro Green transparent BIO-sustainable resin An epoxy resin with a high BIO content that can be used for coating in the art sector: an innovative eco-sustainable product that provides all the performance of traditional epoxy resins. This particular resin was developed by the Resin Pro team to ensure maximum respect for the environment for its customers, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. The low exothermic reaction allows up to 2 cm to be poured without the risk of yellowing or overheating, ensuring a perfectly transparent product (but in any case can be coloured as desired) and resistance to scratches. The result of a collaboration between organic engineering and epoxy resin, the blend is the result of years of long and innovative research, with at least 40% of biological elements. Choosing Art Pro Green by ResinPro® means the same quality as classic ResinPro products, but with less environmental impact. The chemical derived from biomass conversion significantly reduces the use of petrochemical sources.