BIO, ECO and Food resistant epoxy resins

These epoxy resins are created with those customers in mind who consider safety and responsible production to be essential. In the selection you will find epoxy that is suitable for works of art, as well as universal epoxy resin.

3 Human Growth Hormone

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    Transparent safe resin to cover your dishes and cutting boards! Completely non-toxic and certified for contact with food (even liquids). Suitable for creation, coating and model making! Ideal for creating trays, cutting boards, plates, glasses, cutlery, knife and tabletop, making souvenirs, creating a protective layer on printed images (photos, canvases, paintings), creating designer furniture, creating decorative and design elements, using input methods the number of items inside the resin. Only raw materials included in the list of substances authorised for contact with food have been used in the preparation process (Regulation No 220 of 26 April 1993).
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    NATURESIN🍀is a binary water-based acrylic polymer/mineral resin system. 🌱 environmentally friendly 🌱 non-toxic 🌱 VOC-free 🌱 vegan 🌱 without solvents 🌱 mineral product NATURESIN🍀is a completely new product of ResinPro for your creation: easy to use, solvent-free and completely poison-free! The product is perfect for creating trays, cup trays, ashtrays, plates, jewelry boxes, flowerpots, cutting boards, candle holders, mobile phone holders and various household and office items! Naturesin🍀product is strong and durable. This makes this product ideal for the kind of creation that has to withstand the effects of the environment and is designed for outdoor use. It can be painted with many Resin Pro colors and pigments, and after hardening it can be painted in any color!!
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    Art Pro Green transparent BIO-sustainable resin An epoxy resin with a high BIO content that can be used for coating in the art sector: an innovative eco-sustainable product that provides all the performance of traditional epoxy resins. This particular resin was developed by the Resin Pro team to ensure maximum respect for the environment for its customers, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. The low exothermic reaction allows up to 2 cm to be poured without the risk of yellowing or overheating, ensuring a perfectly transparent product (but in any case can be coloured as desired) and resistance to scratches. The result of a collaboration between organic engineering and epoxy resin, the blend is the result of years of long and innovative research, with at least 40% of biological elements. Choosing Art Pro Green by ResinPro® means the same quality as classic ResinPro products, but with less environmental impact. The chemical derived from biomass conversion significantly reduces the use of petrochemical sources.