Polyurethane foam

Two-component liquid foam, which, reacting, swells several times, and the surface is stronger and not porous. With the product, you can repair the porolone holes in the seat or create soft figurines, which, when coated with epoxy, can create soft shapes.

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    Soft foam designed to make soft models using mold. 900g binary set. Workable after mixing for 30 seconds. Allows you to produce soft models, for example, foam rubber. The surface remains semi-shiny and homogeneous thanks to a special formula. MODE OF USE: Pour 2 components into separate containers while following the weight ratio (1:2). When ready, pour 2 components into a larger container and stir quickly for a few seconds until a mixture of uniform color is obtained. Immediately pour into the mold and wait for the reaction within 30 seconds. The foam solidies completely within a few minutes.