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High-performance transparent resin is a two-piece product designed to protect the top from heat and scratches.

The composition of "HEAT PRO" ensures the highest quality long-lasting smooth, glossy, scratch and heat-resistant finish. Ideal for both DIY/home users and industrial consumers. The product can be easily applied and the surface can be reused within 24 hours. Transparent self-leveling UV-resistant epoxy resin that creates a protective layer against heat and scratches. The protective layer should be made 1-2.5 mm. It is very necessary to monitor the humidity in the room, the drier the air, the better the result will remain. In a room with very high humidity, it is not recommended to use the product. The product is slightly elastic after drying and is not sandable or polishable.

The product is not suitable for use with pigments or additives. When it comes to the colored epoxy work you want to cover with Heat Pro. First cover the colored work with transparent and clean epoxy, and only then after 24-48 hours cover with heat-resistant Heat Pro product. It is advisable to make an intermediate joint to increase the adhesion of different layers.


The heat-resistant product can withstand heat up to 200 ° C for a short time. As a top finish layer, the "*HEAT PRO" lasts 2 hours at 175 ° C. The heat-resistant "HEAT PRO" product can be safely used at home for small projects, such as kitchen worktops or cup trays. "HEAT PRO" is a great product that you can use in your DIY projects. Give your
new life for old worktops and create a long-lasting and functional work of art.


  • Concrete kitchen tables
  • Bar stalls
  • Covering surfaces, objects and furniture (panels)
  • Bins, clipboard, trays
  • Creating a completely transparent protective anti-scratch and heat-resistant layer for your projects.

Technical data:

  • Minimum thickness - 1 mm
  • Maximum thickness – 1.5-2 mm per layer.
  • Cost 1.2 kg / m2 (for 1 mm layer)
  • Utilization ratio 100: 75 (by weight)
  • Hardening time (20 ° C) : 3h
  • Complete catalysis after 24 hours
  • Solvent-free and odorless.

Usage tips:

Follow the mixing ratio and mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Do not apply to a damp surface. For example, heat the surface poured with a hairdryer before the pouring process to remove all free moisture. When the product is ready, apply it within 15 minutes. To remove the bubbles, use a heat source: using a hot hair dryer or gas burner, you can let the heat over the pain within 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, the surface finish will be damaged. Warning: This product is especially afraid of moisture. DO NOT apply hair dryers and flames during catalysis. Before using heat pro product, make sure that the treated surface is completely dry and moisture-free. Use individual protective equipment: Respirator, goggles, suitable rubber gloves

The product is not suitable for use with any pigments. When it comes to the work of colored epoxy, what do you recommend to cover with Heat Pro. First cover the colored work with transparent and clean epoxy, and only then after 24-48 hours cover with heat-resistant Heat Pro product. 


DO NOT use hot air blowers and flashlights during catalysis. Before covering heat with PRO, make sure that the treated area is completely dry.

The product is moisture sensitive, not used on wet surfaces.

Use appropriate personal protective equipment.

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