Liquid Mold

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Liquid two-component silicone rubber for moulds. A silicone rubber that can penetrate everywhere and reproduce all the fine details. It is suitable for making small moulds, even for very small parts.

A 5% hardener must be added before use.

The moulding is a medium-strength silicone rubber. It has good mechanical properties, especially for making detailed moulds. For example, it can be used for bronze moulding
and then with resin (polyester, polyurethane and epoxy), natural and synthetic wax,
cement or plaster to recreate the existing bronze shape.


Mixing ratio: 100: 5 by weight
Service life - 60-80 min;
Time for making corrections - 60-80 min;
Take-off time - 12 hours;
Strength - 20 + -3 Shore A
Color - white, semi-glossy.
Do not use at temperatures above 30 ° C.
Wear protective gloves and glasses both during and when applying the mixture.
Wash the rollers and tools with an epoxy or nitro solvent.
Dispose of the packaging in accordance with the applicable local regulations.
Carefully read the component safety data sheet for safety information.

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1050 g, 5 kg, 525 g