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BioEpoxy offers the same good quality as classic ResinPro products, but with less environmental impact. The product obtained from the conversion of biomass significantly reduces the use of petrochemical sources.
BioEpoxy by ResinPro® consists of 30% renewable materials such as grain epoxidation processes to minimize the impact on the environment and your health!

☘️ 【SAFE AND CERTIFIED】 High bio components with percentage resin certified USDA BioPreferredSM. This BIO epoxy is ideal for jewellery, artistic creation, coating, modelling and DIY.
🔍 【IMPECCABLE QUALITY】 Certified non-toxic, odorless, solvent-free, vegan, volatile organic compounds free, non-combustible and completely safe.
✔️ 【100% MADE IN ITALY】 a formula specially developed and produced in Italy for artistic creation. Completely transparent, equipped with new anti-yellowing UV filters, liquid enough to prevent air bubbles from entering. Very shiny and self-leveling. Since it is a two-component resin, simply mix the RESIN A + HARDENER B in the ratio indicated above the package and let it harden without additional impurities. It can be painted as desired.


Excellent transparency
Stability to UV rays
Excellent mechanical durability
Long processing time
Bio certified
VOC Free
Not flammable


Epoxy reins for general use with a high bio component content. An innovative environmentally friendly product that ensures all the properties of traditional epoxy relics.

This particular resin was developed by the Resin Pro team to ensure their customers have maximum respect for the environment without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

Low exothermic reaction allows you to pour up to 2 cm without the risk of turning yellow or overheating, ensuring a perfectly transparent (but still colorable as desired) and scratch-resistant product.

Key features:

Excellent transparency

Stability to UV rays

Excellent mechanical durability

Long processing time

Medium-high viscosity

Bio certified

Applications: Coatings/DIY/Artistic Creation (custom bases, trays, paintings) / maritime/lamination system/glue/fixing of aggregates (decorative elements, glass, stone, quartz, etc.) / manual installation/vacuum molding.

Technical data:

Mixing ratio by weight: 100:66

Processing (125g 25 °) - 2h

Jelly time (125 g 25 °) - 4 h

Deformation (150ml 25 °) - 48h

Coverage: 1.3 kg / m2

Complete hardening - 6-7 days

Hardness: 68-75 Shores

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