Universal, up to 2cm thick layer

In the assortment you can find the most universal products that are just suitable for testing and are the most versatile. It is possible to make almost any project related to epoxy with these products.

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  • Transparent epoxy resin
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    The binary epoxy resin is designed to cover with a thin layer (from 1mm) and pour molds up to 2cm thick. The product is completely transparent, self-leveling and ensures excellent coherence between different materials.
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    Transparent safe resin to cover your dishes and cutting boards! Completely non-toxic and certified for contact with food (even liquids). Suitable for creation, coating and model making! Ideal for creating trays, cutting boards, plates, glasses, cutlery, knife and tabletop, making souvenirs, creating a protective layer on printed images (photos, canvases, paintings), creating designer furniture, creating decorative and design elements, using input methods the number of items inside the resin. Only raw materials included in the list of substances authorised for contact with food have been used in the preparation process (Regulation No 220 of 26 April 1993).
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    Epoxy reiik with very good transparency. Binary epoxy resin, designed primarily for jewellery, forms and creative activities. Due to its specific composition and long catalysis durability, Liquidissima is very well suited for coating with a layer up to 1 cm thick. But is also suitable for thin coverings (1mm) and smaller quantities for layers 2cm thick. A product for making art, which has even better characteristics in terms of transparency, low viscosity (reduces the formation of bubbles) and self-leveling properties compared to "Transparent". Thanks to these qualities, the creation has an even more crystalline appearance. The product is also suitable for all colors and toners designed for epoxy, but it is necessary to make sure that the percentage of the pigment is between 0.1% and 2%.
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    Epoxy reike with fast drying time and good transparency, ideal for pouring into silicone molds. Professional product specially designed for jewellery processing and artistic creation. The epoxy recycle developed gives better transparency, strength and shine, but much shorter hardening time as traditional resins. The cast of the mold can be extracted from the silicone mold take after 6 hours, but achieves maximum strength (not deformed) after 24-48 hours.
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    EPOXYWOOD epoxy resin for wood – protective coating, restoration, reinforcement. Epoxywood is designed to make a protective layer for wood, restoration and reinforcement. Epoxywood protects, strengthens and polishes wood, thanks to its low viscosity, the liquid is very well absorbed into the pores of the wood. The product can be used on all types of wood, but the product can also be used on fiberglass and metal. In addition to surface protection, epoxywood very well highlights the texture of wood and creates a very aesthetic appearance.
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    One to one 500g The product is designed specifically for jewellery and creative projects. The use of the product is made easy by the resin-hardener ratio of 1:1, non-toxicity, transparency and durability. If desired, the One-to-One mixture can be poured into silicone molds, used as a protective layer in printed images (photos, canvases, paintings), used in the manufacture of special decorative and design elements with various filling agents. This binary epoxy resin is designed to be covered in a thin layer (from 1mm) and poured into forms up to 2cm thick. The product is completely transparent, self-leveling and ensures excellent coherence between different materials. Low viscosity of binary resin reduces the formation of air bubbles after drying out and facilitates the impregnation of carbon fibers. Excellent resistance to environmental humidity ensures a glossy and transparent surface. The product is suitable for use with most of the tinting colours for epo resin.
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    Elastic resin to create soft structures. Free your mind using rubbery and bendable epoxy resin coatings. Epoxy relic One To One FLEX is specially made to be easy and quick to use
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    ICE EPOXY THIN is a two-component epoxy resin kit. The product is UV resistant, has anti-yellowing properties, strong bonding properties, good flowability, fast curing. It can be used for surface coating or light casting in thicknesses from 1,6 mm to 2,5 cm. Its low colour and high viscosity allow epoxy to set quickly and create crystal-clear works, ideal for artistic and hobby applications. This epoxy resin is prepared in such a way that the product remains in the gel state for a short time. ICETHIN has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content which ensures user safety and reduces environmental impact. - Casting less than 2,5cm - Ratio 1A:1B - UV resistant - High viscosity - Fast curing - Low volatile organic compounds and low odour - Crystal clear and high gloss appearance - Enhances the appearance of the object - Resistant to bacteria and moisture - Excellent air separation properties - Does not age