Ocean Art Set

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The perfect set for making a sea wave effect: for cup trays, geodes, paintings in the style of ocean art and creating all kinds of artistic coatings. The "Ocean Art" set contains colors, pigments and an additive that reacts with liquid epoxy resins. Epoxy relic mixed with the additive produces wavy and holey effects inside the epo mixed with pigment.

The set is:

  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic and non-combustible
  • Zero VOC formula without harsh chemical ingredients, solvents or alcohol-based ink
  • Ideal for ocean resin art

The "Ocean Art" set includes:

  • 25 ml "Colorfun Deluxe" white color paste
  • 25 ml "Colorfun Deluxe" blue color paste
  • 25 ml "Colorfun Deluxe" True Green (gradientro green)
  • "Pebeo" turquoise transparent liquid pigment
  • 15 ml Liquid additive "Magic Drops Small"