i-Gum silicone rubber

18.40 34.70 

Completely non-toxic silicone paste pod, which is applied directly to the reproducible model.
Since i-Gum is completely non-stick on all surfaces, it is not necessary to wash the instruments after use, and it is not necessary to lubricate the model with other means of release.


Technical characteristics:

  • Viscosity - moldable dough,
  • Workability - 5 min / 10 min
  • Mass ratio A/B - 1:1
  • Type - non-toxic

Note. Do not use at temperatures below 8°C. Wear protective gloves and glasses both during the mixture and during application.

Wash the rollers and tools with a nitro solution. Dispose of the packaging in accordance with applicable local laws. Carefully read the component safety data sheet for safety information.

Additional information

Net bom weight

1 kg, 500 g