Polishing, finishing and accessories

Dealing with epoxy resins requires a number of tools to make it easier to achieve a good result.

  • Mesh sandpapers provide a more uniform grinding result
  • Water sand provides an opportunity to remove scratches and achieve the best shine
  • Epoxypolish polishing paste with polishing disc ensures a bright glossy result
  • With a cleaning agent, you can successfully clean surfaces from grinding dust, grease and moisture. Residues of liquid epo can also be cleaned.

Happy testing and great results!

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    New product line for specific polishing in the plastics and resin sector. EpoxyPolish Cream is designed to polish resin surfaces at one stage. It is also ideal for quickly removing medium oxidation, light scratches, stains and other minor defects from resin surfaces. This polish removes traces left with the P1500 or finer abrasive and leaves stains without a bright finish even on darker surfaces that are harder to process. Thanks to NAP (nanoabrasive particles), it is a 2 in 1 product: in fact, it quickly removes scratches and defects from the surface and at the same time gives a deep shine, as only when polishing.
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    Portable UV lamp. Lighting: 9 LEDs emit UV waves (ultraviolet light). Power consumption: 9W. Works with 3 batteries (not included). Long lasting: Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs have a longer lifespan of 50,000 hours, which ensures energy savings. Color: black. Ideal for UV resin. Suitable for use with UV-Creation
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    Digital Weight 1g -7kg Digital weight, which is very suitable for dosing epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and liquid rubber. Thanks to the exact weight, it is possible to avoid mistakes that can harm the end result. The product is: Very good quality-price ratio, Auto-turn off Tare button Easy to use Battery power: 2 AAA size 1.5V. batteries – (not included).
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    Mirka Abralon grinding disc set designed specifically for pre-polishing plastic and epoxy resin products. The kit includes: • Mirka Abralon 150mm grinding disc P360 • Mirka Abralon 150mm grinding disc P500 • Mirka Abralon 150mm grinding disc P1000 • Mirka Abralon 150mm grinding disc P2000 • Mirka Abralon 150mm grinder P3000 • Mirka Abralon 150mm grinding disc P4000 Abralon® is a unique multifunctional grinding material developed for processing both smooth and profiled surfaces. The patented flexible design allows you to create a smooth grinding pattern on angled surfaces and edges, while reducing the risk of pressure marks. Flexible weaving allows water and air to move freely, resulting in a cleaner grinding process and long-lasting abrasive. Recommended for fine grinding and finishing of profile surfaces before polishing. Recommended to use when wet.
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    A strong technical degreaser ideal for resins and silicones – it is a liquid degreaser that is safe for the skin: it is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. QUANTITY – 250 ML Its formula contains valuable plant extracts! 100% natural – without solvents! Ingredients:plant extracts – valerian, aloe vera, mint, rosemary, sage, lavender, calendula, lime, thyme, witch hazel Extremely gentle Usable: STAINLESS STEEL-ALUMINUM STOVES – CAR INTERIOR GRANITE – PALLETS – REFRIGERATORS Motorhome – MOTORCYCLE – CARPET CERAMICS – SANITARY – TRADED RINGAS – MACHINE TOOLS RHYMES ... AND MUCH MORE... Solvent- and non-alcoholic raw materials of plant origin Removes fats, oils, markers, incrustations, glue residues, silicone, wax, tar, indelible inks, paints, enamels, resins, fats, petroleum, tar, diesel.
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    Ideal UV lamp to harden the UV resin and speed up the hardening process. With the device it is possible to get a glossy and dry surface in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the internal refractive system, the lamp emits light FROM ALL DIRECTIONS, and the epoxy hardens in a short time. The purpose of the lamp is to harden UV resin / gel polish. The life of the lamp is equal to 50, 000 hours. Suitable for professionals as well as self-testers. A 36 Wt UV lamp reduces the UV/gel resin hardening time by 50% compared to conventional devices. Equipped with 12 Led bulbs. Automatic sensors and preset timers. The UV lamp is equipped with automatic sensors that allow the lamp to go into operation when putting the work under the lamp. Sensors automatically stop the activity of the device when you take your creation out from under the lamp. The lamp is suitable for gels compatible with LED and UV technology, including regenerating gels and nail art.
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    Mirka Abranet ACE retinal sands paper set designed specifically for grinding plastic and epoxy resin products. The set includes: • Mirka Abranet ACE 150mm grinding drive P120 • Mirka Abranet ACE 150mm grinding drive P180 • Mirka Abranet ACE 150mm grinding drive P240 • Mirka Abranet ACE 150mm grinding drive P320 • Mirka Abranet ACE 150mm grinding drive P500 • Mirka Abranet ACE 150mm grinding drive P800 Abranet® Ace has been developed for outstanding results in heavy surface treatment and repair applications. Thanks to its optimised mesh design and ceramic blades, Abranet Ace offers excellent cutting and performance for hardwood (such as beech and oak) and quick cutting on various solid surface materials, as well as for cleaning various industrial rollers. Abranet Ace also works perfectly in primer grinding apps.
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    Mesh foam plastic has an excellent balance of elasticity and softness, which is maintained during use and is available with a wafer-shaped structure. The waffle shape has an optimised pattern that delivers better cutting performance and a long service life, and reduces surface temperature during polishing. Orange foam is softer than yellow foam and leaves a better sheen and fewer holograms. Well suited for softer transparent coatings and paints to achieve the perfect finish with a single-step process of vehicles and Tier 1 applications. For the high gloss of the wood, the orange waffle cushion is ideal for the second polishing stage to achieve elevated gloss levels and remove holograms. The pillow is particularly suitable for darker colors or softer colors and varnishes. Use with ResinPro epoxy polish polish paste. 
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    POLI SHIELD is the ultimate protective layer that generally protects your floors and surfaces from scratches and wear. The product is applied to the surface with a roller or sprayer on any type of floor. Especially suitable for resin floors (epoxy, acrylic). POLI SHIED is designed to complete the M1-723 cycle to ensure aesthetic, easy-to-wash and durable finishes on surfaces. The product is shiny. ADVANTAGES: Durable and wear-resistant: Special acrylic polyurethane polymers combine the stability and simplicity of acrylic resins and the scratching and wear resistance of the most advanced polyurethane polymers. Easy application: The product is applied with a short-haired roller, foam roller or sprayer. Tools can be cleaned simply with soap and water. The two-component set is ready for use. Versatile and elegant: POLI-SHIELD is available in a variety of finishes: glossy (100 glosses), satin (30 glosses) and matte (with 5 glosses). It is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces: epoxy, acrylic, wood and concrete, and textured finish. At the moment, only a glossy product is available. Easy to maintain: The surface treated with POLI-SHIELD becomes easy to clean with soap, eliminating absorbed dirt and spread bacteria. If necessary, floors under increased load can be re-covered with a roller in worn areas to restore and make the floor shine again as on the first day! Cheap: with one set (2.4 liters) covers up to 25m2 (with a double layer). Are you looking for a cheap, efficient and easy-to-implement solution to protect and upgrade your floors and surfaces in general? POLI-SHIELD is a product for you!
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    KERAAMILISE KATTE KOMPLEKT See on täiesti uus toode turul. Väga mugav keraamilise katte komplekt kõige vajalikuga, et muuta oma laud või töö vedelikukindlaks. GRAPH ICE 9H+ on grafeenist hüdrofoobne keraamiline kate, mida saab hõlpsasti oma epoksiidist laudadele või muudele epoksiidtöödele peale kanda. Keraamiline kate annab väga hea vetthülgava kaitsekihi sinu töödele. Komplekt sisaldab: riiet käsna rätikuid 30 ml GRAPH ICE 9H+ (katab kuni 9m2)
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    SIMPLE, CLEAN AND EFFICIENT SQUARE SHAPES Our reusable moulds are a great investment for any shop or hobbyist, saving time. HDPE plastic moulds are the ideal material for non-stick moulds used in resin projects. Its non-stick quality eliminates the need for any spray or adhesive. In addition, the moulds are fully reusable and can be reused a potentially infinite number of times. To further simplify the removal of the mould and thereby ensure long-lasting use of the mould, we recommend the use of globalwax wax.