Est. 2019

Our story

Creative Interior prepares furnishings by combining wood and epoxy resump. We are the official representatives of ResinPro epochid resins, pigments and accessories in the Baltics and Finland.

The epomööbel is special due to its uniqueness. The selection includes epoch tables, worktops, wall panels, etc. The eppolaud is characterd by the wood used and the epovaik matched with it, which is given a suitable tone and pattern. We finish the wooden surfaces of our products with a suitable shade of oil waxes or cover with epovaigu.
We manufacture Epolaudu and other products for both indoor and outdoor use. The durability of our products allows them to be used to furnish public space.

ResinPro epovaigud directly from the importer.

Epoxy resins for work and creativity: polyurethane resins for modeling and prototyping, silicones, dyes and pigments.
Resin Pro's versatile product line has been developed and adapted to suit customer needs.

Nowadays, you want to buy or make special interior elements when furnishing your own home. One of the new tools
creating exciting interior solutions has epoxy resicing, which creates almost endless possibilities for creating what you like
sofa table, kitchen worktop, TV tray, window sill or wall panel. These are just a few examples where you can create a completely different milieu in your home with fill epoxy resin.
In addition to filling epoxy resin, you can also buy epoxy resin for creating art in our store. Our
the product range includes crystal reed and painting reed. Epoxy resicing designed to create crystals is well strong, glassy
transparency and UV – sure, which ensures the beauty of jewelry for years to come. Epoxy for painting is intended for those who want to make flowing paintings (pouring). The product we offer has just the right viscosity to ensure ease of painting.