Fluorescence and phosphorescence pigments

2 Human Growth Hormone

  • 10.20 
    The product is in a 20g package Available in larger quantities when ordering. Glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent supplement with a high concentration of active substances and a strong phosphosifying! PIGMENT OF WHITE COLOR, which in the dark ignites with various fluorescent tones. Great to highlight the details you want to see in the dark, on escape routes or at exits do by simply adding the product to resins, paints or varnishes, it is ideal for decoupage, decoration and everything else related to crafting. In mixed form, you can paint anything, including skin, nails or hair! The strength of the regeneration of light is the most green light is stronger, followed by blue, sky blue and all the others.
  • 9.50 
    The product is in a 20g package ULTRA fluorescence UV-luminescent powder additive pigment that glows in the dark. The fluorescent additive flammable in the dark, in which the concentration of active substances is high, is strongly phosphosifying. It has a strong ability to retain natural or artificial light and to separate it again in case of sufficient darkness. It differs in the fluorescence color with photoluminescence supplement, which is most naturally lit (it's not white!). In particular, it is recommended to highlight those details that you want to make visible in the dark. Such as escape routes, light switches and exit openings. This can be done easily by adding fluorescence powder for resins, paints or varnishes. It is also perfect for decoupage, glass paints and for everything else related to crafting; decorate vases, fountains, bedrooms, interior elements or create an impressive atmosphere in specific rooms, be they in the house or in the room (bar, disco).