Phosphore essence pigment - glowing in the dark


The product comes in a 20g pack

Available in larger quantities on request.
Glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent additive with a high concentration of active ingredients and a strong
A WHITE COLOUR PIGMENT that glows in the dark with different fluorescent tones. Excellent
for highlighting details you want to be visible in the dark, on escape routes or exits.
by simply adding the product to resins, paints or varnishes, it's ideal for decorative applications,
decorating and anything else to do with crafting.
In mixed form, you can paint anything, including skin, nails or hair!

According to the strength of the light recovery, the most
Green light is the strongest, followed by blue, sky blue and all the others.


Colors: orange; blue; sky blue; green; violet; bluish-green

ULTRA fluorescence UV luminescent powder pigment that glows in the dark.
The fluorescence supplement igniting in the dark, in which the concentration of active substances is high, is strongly
phosphosating. It has a strong ability to retain natural or artificial light and extract it from sufficient
in case of darkness again. It differs in the photoluminescent additive fluorescent color, which is most naturally lit (it is not white!).

Available in five emission tones: fluorescence blue, fluorescence yellow, fluorescence
green, fluorescence red, fluorescence orange.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use it in the uppermost layers and on a bright background: in this way, phosphorescence will be more effective.

DOES NOT require electricity or maintenance;
It is NOT radioactive and does not contain harmful substances.

Given its small size, it's good to keep it away from the kids.
Phosphoric pigments for industrial production are capable of storing and emitting light. These pigments are charged when exposed to a light source (sunlight, electricity or ultraviolet light) and slowly return the energy emitted in the darkness.

DEFINITION: The term phosphorousorescence generally includes all types of pigment capable of emitting light when stimulating light. For accuracy, we mean phosphoric pigments.

Brightness: The pigment glow dissipates over time after the initial bright glow, which then becomes stable for many hours. Brightness is expressed to millicand per square meter. Complete fading of the luminescence effect can occur several days after stimulation. The intensity of light depends on the size and color of the pigment: coarse green pigments shine longer.

APPEARANCE: In daylight, the product is colorless.
Types of pigment: a large selection of different pigments, with a wide range of colors, grain size and type (solvent or
hydroversion) These pigments are selected from the best quality products and are therefore able to give the most intense brightness.
The new long-lasting waterproof photoluminescent pigments are ideal for use both on the water base or in solvent base products: they are the only powders that can be mixed in a water-based substance without producing the reaction that is possible thanks to special surface treatment. These pigments are available in five colour variants and the size of one blade: 30-40 um

Brand: Brightmaterials
FEATURES: The main quality of these pigments is their excellent ability to absorb / store / reproduce the energy of light. In fact, they can absorb a variety of natural or artificial light.
DURATION: in the dark shines up to 12 hours, and their duration is from 10 to 15 years.
PRESERVATION: pigments are easy to store for a long time.
INGREDIENTS: phosphorescent pigments are created by rare earth elements (inactive Alumati
and carbonati di Europio / Stronzio). Therefore, luminescence is ten times higher than
on conventional phosphorus and zinc sulfide-based pigments.

SAFETY: Products ARE NOT toxic, harmful or radioactive. They are NOT considered dangerous
DURABILITY: The duration of our phosphoresizing pigments is from 10 to 20 years. They have
excellent chemical-physical stability (temperature >1300 ° C, excellent resistance to UV radiation). Direct contact with metals or water can accelerate its decomposition. They can be easily preserved.

USE: pigments are widely used in industry for the production of paints, pressure molding and sanding of plastic materials, screening printing, making ribbons or light film, ceramic tiles, etc. They are suitable for use for various technical or artistic purposes, due to their characteristics. They are absolutely not dangerous and can be used on products in direct contact with the body, such as clothing, shoes, helmets, toys, watches, fishing or sports equipment. Due to their long life, simple use and reliability, they are especially appreciated in the field of security.
Use 20/30% for binder and apply as thin surfaces.

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Blue sky, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Greenish