Layer up to 5cm thick

Epoxy, designed to make projects with a slightly thicker and larger volume.

2 Human Growth Hormone

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    It is possible to pour a thick layer of epoxy, up to 5 cm at a time. The finished product is very resistant to turning yellow and scratches. Especially good for making resin and wooden tables.
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    ICE EPOXY ICECAST crystal clear resin ICECAST is a two component epoxy resin. It is UV-resistant and anti-yellowing. properties. The product has: strong tack, good flowability and natural bubble release. Icecast is designed for medium to large volume applications with thicknesses over 2.5 cm and up to 10-25 cm depending on the volume. Low colour and low viscosity allow crystal clear castings without bubbles. The product is particularly suitable for large volume castings as the product remains in a gel state for a long time after mixing and the low exothermic reaction prevents the product from overheating during the reaction. ICECAST has a low VOC content, which ensures user safety and reduces environmental impact. - 2,5 to 10cm deep casting - Ratio 2A:1B - UV resistant - 100% solid end result - Low VOC content and low odour. - Crystal clear and high gloss appearance - Enhances the appearance of the object - Resistant to bacteria and moisture - Excellent air separation properties - Does not age