Dining/meeting tables

River table - river table

By combining two or one planks with epoxy, a river-style sofa table is made. We have a selection of oak, island and birch planks, which can be tinted to suit the client if desired. As legs, we mainly use metal table legs, but if desired, we also make wooden.
Since we use one whole plank without cutting open it, the wood can be slammed. To reduce/avoid this, we usually use metal table legs in this style, which support wood and keep the board tile stable.
Our material range also includes massive 75mm thick and 3m long island, oak and birch planks. From which we can make especially large and massive boards.

One plank table

Each tree has its own story, and some of them have it for over a century. We like the dams and islands that are over 100 years old that have been broken down by the storm or become too dangerous in a person's home. We give these trees new life by cutting the trunk of a tree into thick planks (75-95mm) and making them massive and large-scale meal or meeting tables. The widths of the planks are 800-1300mm and the length is up to 3400mm. We fill the cracks and crevices inside the wood with epoxy and wedge with stick. We support the plate in several places with metal to make the tabletop more stable. For feet, we mainly use metal, since these tabletops weigh almost several hundred kilos.

Rattana log cut meal table

We completely impregnate the wheel cut from the trunk of the tree with an epo to make the wheel strong. We can tint impregnable epoxy with a tone suitable for the customer. Toned epoxy also tones down the wood itself to a small extent. We have a selection of washers cut from oak and island with a diameter of 800-1200mm. As legs, we mainly use metal table legs, but if desired, we also make wooden.