Epoxy Resin for Wood – Protective coating, Restoration, Reinforcement.
Protects, strengthens and polishes the wood, thanks to its low viscosity it penetrates deeply.
Solvent-free, it can be applied to all types of wood, including fiberglass and metal. In
addition to surface protection, it brightens up the wood grain and also guarantees a pleasant
aesthetic effect.
EPOXYWOOD is a product for penetration, adhesion and re-estimation of atmospheric
phenomena that make it indispensable for the maintenance and protection of surfaces. With
EPOXYWOOD it is possible to obtain high resistance bonding, surface protection and
waterproofing of the hull. The wood treated with EPOXYWOOD is totally water-resistant and
reinforced while maintaining its characteristics of flexibility and resistance.
Color: STRAW-YELLOW, not suitable for applications in thick casting (in this case we
recommend the transparent epoxy resin ResinPro)
Surface preparation
Before applying EPOXYWOOD, make sure that the surface to be treated is perfectly dry and
free of moisture. The wood to be treated must always be clean and free of oils or other
solvents. We recommend sanding the surfaces before application.
Mixture preparation:
 Mix component A and component B at a ratio of 2:1 by volume or 70:30 by weight.
 Mix for at least 2 minutes
 Can be applied by roller, brush or spray.
 Workable for 30 minutes at 20’c.
 For cleaning the instruments we recommend an epoxy thinner.
 For a correct waterproofing cycle, apply 3 coats at a distance of 12, 24 hours.
 Solid in 12-24h, complete hardening in 7 days (20’C).
Technical characteristics:

 Solvent-free structural epoxy system for building, protecting and restoring fiberglass,
wood and many other substrates.
 Employment ratio:
 Component A: 2
 Component B: 1
 Hardening at 20°C, 60% R.H.
 Gel time (125g 25°) – 5-6H
 Full hardening – 7 days
Recommendations for use:
 Respect the application ratio and mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Once the
product has been prepared, apply within 30 minutes.
 Before working with EPOXYWOOD make sure that the surface to be treated is
completely dry and free of moisture.
 Storage temperature: 10-30°C. At low temperatures it can crystallize. To restore it,
heat in a bain-marie in boiling water. Reuse when cooled.