Sahara paste- väri setti


Kiillejauhe SAHARA Pastellivaikutus antaa sinun painottaa vielä enemmän luomuksiasi.
Metallipigmentteinä voit luoda upeita 3D-tehosteita!
Set kiillejauhe SAHARA Pastellivaikutus sisältää 10 väriä 10 grammaa.



Our new Set Mica Powder SAHARA Pastel effect is perfect for decorating your creations with resin!

PEARLINE pigments, mica-based pearlescents, have excellent light solidity and stability at high temperatures.

Ideal for “glazing”, they can be used with all transparent resins.

With the colored versions you can get innovative and truly unique color effects.

The selection of the best raw materials and the high production technology allows us to offer a product with brilliant shades and high dimensional constancy.

The wide range of colors allows its use in the most varied decorative applications such as:

home decoration,
fine arts,
nail art.