Sofa table RiverAsh


Sofa table "RiverAsh", made by hand, with care and dedication.

The RiverAsh sofa table is made from an island that has grown in Estonia and the epoxy part is made with high-quality, reliable and safe ResinPro epoxy. Each sofa table in the "river" style is unique, since there is no plank with exactly the same pattern and living border. We prefer to use rustic style wood material grown in Estonia in our products in order to emphasize the natural beauty of domestic nature and highlight the special patterns of wood guilt. High-quality and natural Rubio oil wax has been used for the violin. Legs of metal.

Since we use whole planks that have not been stripped open and glued together, the material may curl to a small extent depending on the seasons.


  • length - 950mm
  • width - 620mm
  • Height - 430mm

Transport home by courier.