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Highly fluid WHITE polyurethane casting resin with high hardening properties, for all kinds of handcrafted creations and fast prototyping in the modelling branch.
Thanks to its high-speed catalysis (30 minutes), you can quickly reproduce objects of all sizes in a perfect way.
In the liquid state, the resin can be easily coloured with any compatible colouring paste. Furthermore, once hardened it can be coloured with acrylic colours.

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Technical features.

Colour: Light Beige / White.
Viscosity 70 mPa*s.
Pot life 10 min.
Maturation 30 min.
Weight ratio A: B 100: 110.
Hardness: 100 Shore A.


BEFORE USE: Shake the packages and leave them upside down for 5 minutes, in order to homogenize the content. Do not apply immediately after shaking, but let them stand overturned for 5 minutes

1) Respect the usage ratio A + B (100:110 in weight) by using a scale, following this simple formula: grams of A x 1.1 = grams of B.
E.g. 100 gr [0,22 lb] A x 1.1 = 110 gr [0,24 lb] B, 50 gr [0,11 lb] A x 1.1 = 55 gr [0,12 lb] B,
2) Mix A + B for one minute.
3) Pour it in the silicone mould.
4) Wait 30 minutes and remove your model, perfect in every detail!

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