FLUORESCENT UV PIGMENT (Fluorescent powder) – Luminescent that glows in the dark.
A pigment in fluorescent powder that lights up in the dark, having a high concentration of active ingredients, it is strongly phosphorescent!
Great for highlighting details that you want to make visible in the dark, escape routes or exits, simply adding it to resins, paints or varnishes, it is ideal for decoupage, decoration and everything related to DIY or creativity.

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SAFETY: the products are NOT toxic, harmful or radioactive.
They are NOT considered dangerous (see certificate of analysis).

APPLICATION: They are suitable for different technical or artistic uses, thanks to their characteristics.
They are absolutely not dangerous and can be used on products in direct contact with the body such as clothing, shoes, helmets, toys, watches, fishing or sports items.
Thanks to their long lifetime, ease of application and reliability, they are particularly appreciated in the field of security.
Pigments are widely used in the industrial field for the production of paints, for injection molding and grinding of plastic materials, screen printing, for ribbons or light films, ceramic tiles, etc.
Use in quantities of 20-30% in relation to the binder and apply on light surfaces.
These pigments are charged with exposure to a light source (sunlight, electricity or UV light), and slowly return energy shining in the dark.

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Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red