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“EPOXYWOOD” Epoxy Resin for Wood – Protective coating, Restoration, Reinforcement.
Protects, strengthens and polishes the wood, deeply penetrating thanks to its low viscosity.
Solvent-free, it can be applied to any type of wood, including fibreglass and metal.

Great for wooden, fibreglass and metal surfaces. In addition to surface protection, it enhances the wood grain and provides a pleasant aesthetic effect.

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Filler applicable with additions of 2/3 of glass beads (available in our shop)
Colour: STRAW-YELLOW, not suitable for high-thickness castings (in such cases, we recommend ResinPro Transparent Epoxy Resin)

Solvent-free structural epoxy system formulated for the construction, the protection and the restoration of fibreglass, timber and many other substrates.

Its properties of penetration, adhesion and weather-resistance make “EPOXYWOOD” essential for the maintenance and protection of surfaces. With “EPOXYWOOD” you can have high strength bonding, surface protection and waterproofing of the hull.
Wood treated with “EPOXYWOOD” becomes completely waterproof and reinforced while maintaining its characteristics of flexibility and resistance.

Surface preparation:

Before applying “EPOXYWOOD”, ensure that the surface to be treated is perfectly dry and moisture-free.
The wood to be treated must always be clean and free of oils or other solvents. We recommend to sand the surface before application.

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