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Transparent self-levelling UV-resistant epoxy system, which creates a hard and glossy protective layer for casting up to 1 cm.
ART PRO, the epoxy resin for the artistic sector: thanks to its special formula and its dense structure, it allows you to create paintings with the “pour paint” and liquid paint technique. It does not leak out from the working surface, slowly reaching the corners of the frame.
ART PRO preserves your original design and prevents any possible modification due to the casting of the resin: because of its special formula, the layers of colours do not expand and do not mix (unless you deliberately intervene), faithfully keeping with your creative idea!
The surface is perfectly smooth and moisture-resistant. Solvent-free and odourless epoxy resin.

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– artworks, creation of art objects (paintings, panels, etc.) with the “fluid-art” (pour paint) technique (pouring up to 1 cm [0,39”]);
– coating of surfaces, objects and furniture to add depth and brilliance to the colour;
– create a 3D effect on prints, photos and images in general;
– fixation of fillers (decorative elements, glass, stone, quartz, etc.)
– creation of a perfectly transparent protective layer on your projects.
The “ART-PRO” formula is specifically developed for coating in artistic applications (thickness max – 1 cm [0,39”]).

For greater castings, we recommend using resin for casting up to 2 cm [0,78”] or up to 5 cm [1,96”].

Compatible with colouring agents, powder pigments, alcohol-based and oil-based dyes, aerosol paints.

The migration laboratory test on cured resin samples ensures that the final product does not release any harmful substances, if applied following the instructions.

Warning: the product is moisture sensitive, do not use on wet surfaces or with water-based dyes (e.g. Acrylics)

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