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    GlobalWax release agent (liquid) creates a wax film on the mould surfaces and on the models, with strong anti-adhesion characteristics and high temperature resistance up to + 180°C

    It is particularly recommended for the preparation of moulds and formworks for the pouring of resins.
    You can apply it on wood, metal, plastic or even cardboard, and in a few minutes you will have a perfectly anti-adherent surface to pour the resin or other compounds.

    Application – Brush or spray gun.
    Colour: – white.
    Package: 1000 ml
    Very effective release agent that can be applied by brush or spray gun. It dries quickly in 2-3 minutes and retains all the details of the mould.

  • 18.00 

    Completely non-toxic silicone rubber in paste to be directly applied onto the model you want to replicate. Prior to using, it should be mixed with its catalyst paste (in equal parts, 1: 1) until you have a homogeneous mixture. Due to its non-stick performance on all surfaces, you don’t need to wash the tools after use and it is not necessary to apply other release agents to the model.

  • 20.90 

    Casting liquid silicone rubber, able to penetrate everywhere and to reproduce any small detail.
    It is suitable for making moulds for small objects, even with very fine details and noticeable undercuts. Before use, it is necessary to add 5% of catalyst.

    Liquid Silicone Rubber for Making Highly Detailed Moulds

    Compatible with Resin, Soap and Polymer Pastes.
    Ideal for multiple reproductions of models and complex shapes and jewels of any kind.
    White Colour – Mixing Ratio: 100: 5 by weight (= 5%).

    Complete hardening 12h. Liquid medium-hard condensation pourable silicone rubber (20 shore A).

  • 32.90 

    Liquid medium-hard condensation pourable silicone rubber (13 shore A). PURE MOLD is a two-component addition silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature.
    Due to its remarkable fluidity, it is ideal even for the duplication of models with undercut areas.