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  • 20.90 
    mix-ratio100A: 45B (Mix ratio based on weight)

    Post-print coating for polishing and finishing 3D prints. Applied on any kind print, it makes the treated surface glossy, smooth and impact-resistant.
    Specifically developed to be used in 3D applications, it does not drip or cover small details, faithfully respecting all the shapes of the printing.

    Eliminates unevenness between the different layers;
    Strengthens the mechanical resistance of the printing;
    Can be polished and painted.

    Cure time

    4 hours at 20°C [68 F]
    2 hours at 30°C [86 F]
    If you want to paint your printing according to your tastes, 3D Finish “Fast” can be coloured with colouring pastes and metal powders.

    Excellent adhesion and reinforcement on PLA, LAYWOOD, ABS. Fast and effective, it is an easy-to-apply solution to create finished items through 3D printing more quickly, improving their aesthetic uniformity and their impact strength. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance, it is also perfect to be used as a bonding agent between printings or to repair damaged 3D artefacts. We recommend to store the product in a dark, cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. The tools must be washed with IPA (isopropyl alcohol).

  • -10% Off
    34.20 135.00 

    Transparent self-levelling UV-resistant epoxy system, which creates a hard and glossy protective layer for casting up to 1 cm.
    ART PRO, the epoxy resin for the artistic sector: thanks to its special formula and its dense structure, it allows you to create paintings with the “pour paint” and liquid paint technique. It does not leak out from the working surface, slowly reaching the corners of the frame.
    ART PRO preserves your original design and prevents any possible modification due to the casting of the resin: because of its special formula, the layers of colours do not expand and do not mix (unless you deliberately intervene), faithfully keeping with your creative idea!
    The surface is perfectly smooth and moisture-resistant. Solvent-free and odourless epoxy resin.

  • -10% Off
    35.10 148.41 

    Art Pro Deluxe non-toxic transparent resin for fluid art and vertical applications (for professional use)
    Transparent self-levelling UV-resistant epoxy system, which creates a hard and glossy protective layer for casting up to 1 cm (ex. coasters, trays, art objects).
    The surface is perfectly smooth and moisture-resistant. Solvent-free and odourless epoxy resin.

  • 20.00 

    Soft foam designed to make soft models using a mold. 900g two-component set.
    After mixing, process for 30 seconds. Allows the production of soft models, such as foam rubber.
    Thanks to a special formula, the surface remains semi-glossy and homogeneous.

    Pour the 2 components into separate containers while maintaining the weight ratio (1: 2).
    When done, pour the 2 components into a larger container and mix quickly for a few seconds until a uniform color is obtained.
    Pour into the mold immediately and wait for the reaction for 30 seconds. The foam hardens completely in a few minutes.

  • 17.50 37.90 

    Highly reactive reduced-yellowing transparent epoxy resin for silicone moulds. Professional product specifically designed for jewellery production and artistic creations. Developed to ensure the advantages of epoxy resin (transparency, hardness, shininess) but with shorter curing times compared to traditional resins.

    Thanks to its special formulation, you can remove your models after 6h00’. The catalysis times are also sensitive to external factors, such as temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the catalysis. Furthermore, the product can be removed from the silicone moulds after 8 hours, but reaches its maximum hardness (not deformable) after 24-48h.

  • 19.90 28.90 

    Highly fluid WHITE polyurethane casting resin with high hardening properties, for all kinds of handcrafted creations and fast prototyping in the modelling branch.
    Thanks to its high-speed catalysis (30 minutes), you can quickly reproduce objects of all sizes in a perfect way.
    In the liquid state, the resin can be easily coloured with any compatible colouring paste. Furthermore, once hardened it can be coloured with acrylic colours.

  • 21.00 37.50 

    TRANSPARENT EPOXY RESIN FOR CREATIONS – liquid RESIN for very elaborate moulds.

    LIQUIDISSIMA Epoxy resin is a two-component product based on epoxy resin and relative amine hardener.
    Thanks to its special formula and the extended catalysis times, Liquidissima resin is suggested for castings at least up to 1 cm [0,39”] thickness.

  • 18.00 

    Highly fluid polyurethane casting formulation with high shore A hardness, for fast prototyping in the modelling and automation branch.
    Prototypes made with silicone moulds and polyurethane resin can be used for pre-processing, strength and dimensionality tests to make improvements to the workpiece prior to serial production of the finished product.
    Thanks to our polyurethane formulation, you can get uniform, glossy and resistant models or artistic creations in just 2 minutes.
    It can be coloured with the “Colour Fun” series colours.