To easily create artworks and jewelry. Ratio 1 to 1 to create quickly and error-free, non-toxic,
transparent and durable.

Transparent Epoxy Resin suitable for:
 Wood (canyons, flat surfaces, laminate tops)
 3D floors (garages, indoor, garden paths, penny floors)
 Repairs (Boats, yachts, motorcycles)
 Art and painting
You can cast it in silicone molds or use it as a protective on printed images (photographs,
canvases, paintings) Or, thanks to the high transparency, you can create decorative elements
and design through embedding techniques.
Ideal for your films (1 mm) and cast in thickness up to 2 cm. Besides the high transparency
(water effect) and the self-leveling properties, it guarantees an excellent resistance to
scratches. The product is characterized by a low viscosity that reduces the presence of air
bubbles after hardening. The excellent resistance to environmental humidity guarantees a
glossy and transparent surface. The product is compatible with the main coloring pastes on
the market.
ONE-TO-ONE” Epoxy resin is specifically formulated to make it easy and quick to use.
 super transparent,
 high mechanical resistance,
 long workability,
 glossy surface
 easy-to-use 1:1 (by volume)
The product can be colored with any epoxy coloring agent (both paste and powder) in
percentages from 0.1% to 2.0%).
These characteristics make the resin “one-to-one” ideal for the following applications:
 jewelry and castings in silicone molds
 Model-making;
 Artistic creations;
 Embedding’s;
Technical data: Mixing ratio: 1:1 (by volume); Pot life (150g at 30°C): 1h30’; Catalysis in film (1m at
30°C): 12h00′; complete catalysis after 72h; Heat resistance – up 70 C